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Absolute Disasters tells the story of natural disasters.

It explores the darker, unknown side of what happens when natural hazards collide with human indifference to cause calamity, and asks why, when we know exactly how to stop people dying unnecessarily, do we continue to allow natural disasters to happen?

This book lifts the lid, and in so doing explores one hundred lesser-known 'home truths' about natural disasters and how they are managed, such as...

  • are natural disasters becoming more frequent?
  • can mobile phones help calculate how many people are trapped under the rubble of an earthquake?
  • does teaching children to swim help them survive a flood?
  • can cholera be predicted from space?
  • is drowning the main cause of death in a Tsunami?
  • is aid always good?
  • does coordination work?

If charity represents how people would like the world to work, then Absolute Disasters shows how it actually does.

Dr. Richard Garfield

A unique and practical insight into the determinants of disaster.

US Centres for Disease Control & Prevention

Dr. Peter Walker

An invaluable contribution to the field of natural disaster risk management.

Tufts University


​I wish I had read this book before my town was devastated by Typhoon Haiyan.

Mayor of Tacloban, Philippines

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