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18 Apr Making decisions by consensus

"Right," said Owl importantly. "The meeting is con-veened." Pooh scratched an itchy bit between his belt and the bottom of his T-shirt where they didn't quite meet. "Why?" he said, looking nowhere in particular. "Cos we have to decide stuff," said Owl with a small sigh to himself. "Why...

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12 Apr Time Management

“So,” said Christopher Robin, “why aren’t you busy?” “Because it’s a not-too-manic sort of a day,” said Pooh. “Yes, but …” “So why ruin it?” he continued, to no-one in particular. “But you could be doing something jolly, jolly important … ” said Christopher Robin, perplexed. “I am,” said Pooh. “Really?...

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12 Apr Managing disaster risk

Managing and reducing disaster risk are the new paradigms of humanitarian action, and ones in which Clusters play their part. This is because Clusters have to manage risk while neatly straddling the conceptual divide between the ‘quick fix’ of disaster response and the longer-term ‘development...

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